Caesarstone ® is a unique solution for various surface texture finishes that will help you to personalize and fully customize your chosen style to the project spaces.

Caesarstone® Surfaces are a compound of 94% natural quartz, which gives extraordinary elegance, resistance to external influences and durability. These quartz stone surfaces are born with the unique patented process of the Caesarstone® company, combining the inherent strength of quartz with the pigment components of polymers, resulting in an excellent result – a multi-colored range of durable and beautiful quartz surfaces. This is a great solution for using this surface for bath or kitchen worktops, floor and wall coverings, using a minimum number of joints.

The Caesarstone® artificial stone surface is very comfortable in size and lightness. The size of the board is in the “Standard” format – 144×305 cm when the thickness of the panel is 3 kinds – 1.3cm / 2.0cm / 3.0cm. The Caesarstone® artificial quartz surface is produced in a very consistent manner, and its dimensions and thickness are always maintained throughout the board, which makes it possible to reduce the need for design adjustments and allow easy implementation of the project’s design.

Caesarstone® offers you a wide range of surface finishes to help you personalize and fully customize your chosen style to your project spaces. For realistic implementation of your chosen style visualization, Caesarstone® offers a range of different types of different textures that are implemented in different series of color gamut collections. There are 2 different Caesarstone® surface treatments – Honed Polished or Honed Polished Viento (carved with a variety of ornaments, partially polished, semi-glossy corrokidol skin, flower ornaments or other sculpting patterns that resemble machining surface), which will give your imagination the power to have such a tabletop or wall decor in your interior with a texture that you have always dreamed of and what you wanted.

The Caesarstone® composition has a very small porosity, making the surface of its antibacterial structure resistant to stains in everyday foods that can be easily removed from the surface using soap and water. Caesarstone® surfaces have no porosity, so they are safe to use in laboratories in the health and cooking environment.

Caesarstone® surfaces are more resistant to high temperatures (up to 150 ° C, non-combustion) than other natural stones – marble, limestone or granite, so it is a practical solution to use this surface for kitchen worktops, fireplace or oven trim, and in the bathroom – for heated floors or furniture uppers.

There are an enormous amount of Caesarstone® exterior design options available for your bathroom or kitchen worktops, which are suitable for all the collections of colors with the texture you choose. Straight cut edge design – this is simply cut off from the corner straight section, suitable for any surface with a flat surface with a straight trim. 2 + 2 cutting edge design – the cut edge edge that is processed in this way gives the board a continuity, makes it more robust and resistant to impact and scratches. Fully rounded edge design – fully rounded edge finish – creates a sense of complete continuity in the kitchen while maintaining the same thickness of the towels. Elegantly dipped edging design – this is a special way from an elegantly crafted, traditional edge to give a very elegant shape to the tabletop. The cross-cut edge design is a great countertop edge solution that gives you the integrity and rigidity of your kitchen or bathroom countertops. The partially rounded edge design is a great partially and gently curved side bath or kitchen countertop solution that gives your table top an ease and a pleasant touch.

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