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MY TOP FONDOVALLE® Italian artificial granite stone is an opportunity to present the latest design of the kitchen, bathroom, facades, walls, high and high traffic zones with the best expressive possibilities.

The MY TOP FONDOVALLE® artificial stone surface is very comfortable in size and lightness (up to 324×163 cm, thickness up to 0.65 / 1.2 / 2.0 cm). Modern design kitchens, bathrooms, facade interior decoration, walls, high and high traffic areas – floor coverings can be made with the best expressive possibilities. MY TOP FONDOVALLE ® is manufactured in a very consistent manner, and its dimensions and thickness are always maintained throughout the board, which makes it possible to reduce the need for adjustments in design and allows for easy implementation of the project’s design.

MY TOP FONDOVALLE® offers you various surface finishing solutions to maximize personalization and fully customize your chosen style to your project spaces. For the realization of your visualization of your chosen style, the MY TOP FONDOVALLE® offers 2 different texture textures for this surface. It is a Honed (Polished, Non-Aligned Surface) or Polished (Shiny Surface Treatment) that will give your imagination the power to have such a tabletop or wall decor in your interior with a texture that you have always dreamed of and wanted.

The MY TOP FONDOVALLE® artificial stone surface is ultra-violet (UV) resistant and its color does not fade over time, which makes this artificial stone surface ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

MY TOP FONDOVALLE ® is stronger in its properties than natural granite, so that these surfaces can be used thinner and lighter – the strength of this material allows designing kitchen countertops, bar countertops and avoiding large loads of furniture for shells.

MY TOP FONDOVALLE matte surface ideally enables you to use flooring for intensive walking on this material. This artificial stone surface is scratch-resistant, which maintains the long lasting beauty of your towel and durable.

Although other surfaces are resistant to stains, the surface of MY TOP FONDOVALLE® antibacterial stretch marks is a great proof. Even the most missed stains, such as wine, coffee, vegetables and rust, can be easily removed from this surface. As the MY TOP FONDOVALLE® composition has a very small porosity and no resins, it is resistant to chemicals and compounds – liquid or other household chemicals such as bleach, sewage cleaners, or oven fats will not affect the surface of your towels. MY TOP FONDOVALLE® is also resistant to hydrolysis.

MY TOP FONDOVALLE® artificial stone is resistant to high temperatures (up to 200 ° C, non-combustion) – its surface is completely non-flammable, free of dirt, does not crack, it does not adversely affect it, so it can be safely placed on a gas stove or hob hot pot on a tabletop and not to be afraid of its vulnerability.

MY TOP FONDOVALLE ® matte surface is more resistant to friction than granite, making it the perfect surface for commercial applications and areas of intense movement such as floor coverings or restaurant kitchen worktops. Although the wear of other manufacturers’ surfaces is visible over time, MY TOP FONDOVALLE ®’s matte surface friction resistance, due to the unique structure of its components, will be durable and will not need to be renewed or replaced by new surfaces.

The low thermal expansion coefficient of MY TOP FONDOVALLE® prevents the rapid fluctuation of temperatures from both heat and cold to the opposite. This is a natural cold and heating resistance, which makes them perfect for fitting out restaurants or cafes, chemical laboratories, swimming pools or bath complexes, fireplace decoration.

The structure of MY TOP FONDOVALLE ® elements does not have porosity and naturally protects against the penetration of liquids and other materials. As a result, MY TOP FONDOVALLE® is low maintenance, making it easier to clean. The surface resistance of the contaminants, due to the unique structure of its components, will be durable and will not need to be renewed or replaced by a new surface. MY TOP FONDOVALLE® surfaces are made of organic components of natural materials, therefore they do not contain any lubricating agents, nor contain any harmful substances, for example. like lead or cadmium.

The manufacturing process used in the production of MY TOP FONDOVALLE® material allows us to control pigmentation and provides better color consistency in all of the components of the material – thus creating a durable product that will not dissipate or deteriorate over long periods of use. So the MY TOP FONDOVALLE® surface will retain its appearance throughout the life cycle of the product.

The material used for MY TOP FONDOVALLE ® production consists of non-combustible materials, thus maintaining a high temperature (up to 200 ° C, without burning), surface resistant to scratching or cracking.

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