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Silestone artificial stone is a unique combination of colors for your home decor and the most comfortable countertops for your kitchen and bathroom.

Silestone® is a compound that contains 94% natural quartz, which provides extraordinary strength and resistance to external influences. This is the perfect solution for using this surface for bath or kitchen worktops, floor and wall coverings, with a minimum number of joints. The manufacturer gives Silestone® the highest quality rating and gives Silestone® a surface that is used in the kitchen or bath, even a 25-year quality guarantee.

The Silestone® artificial stone surface is very comfortable in size and lightness. The size of the board is of two types: “Standard” format – 140×306 cm. Thickness of the panel is 3 types – 1.2cm / 2.0cm / 3.0cm, and Jumbo format – 159×325 cm. Thickness of the panel is 3 kinds – 1.2cm / 2.0. cm / 3.0cm The design of the latest design kitchens, bathrooms, façades, walls, high and high traffic zones – floor coverings can be presented with the best expressive possibilities. Silestone® is manufactured in a very consistent fashion, and its dimensions and thickness are always maintained throughout the board, which makes it possible to reduce the need for adjustments in design and allow for easy implementation of the project’s design. Silestone® has developed various floor formats to enable all your designs: 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 60x30cm, 60x40cm or 60x60cm. Silestone® sukūrė įvairių grindų formatus siekiant įgalinti visus Jūsų sumanytus projektus: 30x30cm, 40x40cm, 60x30cm, 60x40cm arba 60x60cm.

Silestone® offers you a variety of surface finishes to maximize personalization and perfectly tailor your style to your project space. For the realization of your visualization of your chosen style, Silestone® offers 3 types of different texture surfaces that are implemented in different series of color gamut collections. There are 3 different Silestone® surface treatments – Polished (surface treatment for glossy polished, glossy reflection), Suede (semi-polished, semi-frosted surface) or Volkano (lava stone structure-like surface treatment), which will give your imagination the ability to have in your interior exactly a tabletop, floor or wall decor with a texture that you have always dreamed of and what you wanted.

Silestone® Polished (a glossy-polished, glossy reflection surface) is an original polished quartz surface that is distinctive in appearance and designed for long-term testing. The surface reflection with a glyph reflectance gives a natural stone feel, so Silestone®’s original polished surface remains popular throughout the world. This rendering of the surface texture is deep and clean, so that Silestone® Quartz’s elegance is clearly visible and what you wanted.

Silestone® Suede (semi-polished, semi-frosted surface) is an original rendered surface that offers a unique soft and gentle effect that also gives elegance. Maintaining the same strength properties, but giving them a sense of gentleness and superb touch, consistently delivering unique colored gems, gives Silestone® the exclusive value of the projects.

Silestone® Volkano (a lava stone-like surface treatment) is a new solution to find attractive surfaces with original surface texture, created by market demand. At the same time, this is a solution that gives you a feeling of delicacy and great touch, revealing an exceptional colored gum that gives the surface an unforgettable sense of beauty.

The structure of Silestone® has a very low porosity, so its antibacterial surface is highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, make-up and many other everyday products that can be easily removed from this surface. For your Silestone® artificial stone surface. It is extremely resistant to hydrolysis.

Silestone® artificial stone is resistant to high temperatures (up to 95 ° C, non-combustible) – its surface is not slippery or otherwise offensive, but as with all stone materials, abrupt and rapid temperature changes should be avoided in order to avoid surface cracks.

There are plenty of Silestone® hand-crafted design options available for bath or kitchen worktops that are suitable for all collections of colors with the texture you choose. Straight cut edge design – this is simply cut off from the corner straight section, suitable for any surface with a flat surface with a straight trim. 2 + 2 cutting edge design – the cut edge edge that is processed in this way gives the board a continuity, makes it more robust and resistant to impact and scratches. Fully rounded edge design – fully rounded edge finish – creates a sense of complete continuity in the kitchen while maintaining the same thickness of the towels. Elegantly dipped edging design – this is a special way from an elegantly crafted, traditional edge to give a very elegant shape to the tabletop. The cross-cut edge design is a great countertop edge solution that gives you the integrity and rigidity of your kitchen or bathroom countertops. The partially rounded edge design is a great partially and gently curved side bath or kitchen countertop solution that gives your table top an ease and a pleasant touch.

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