Stone Italiana® is a modern approach to everyday life in the production of what’s practical, colorful and beautiful. It is the implementation of new solutions for the production of surfaces that remain durable, resistant to harmful mechanical effects, of low thickness and low weight. This is the abundance of new texture and color surfaces that will help you to maximize personalization and perfectly customize your chosen styles to your project spaces.

Stone Italiana® Quartz’s engineered surfaces are a combination of natural quartz materials with endless variety of color tones and surface textures. Stone Italiana® Quartz surfaces are designed for minimal maintenance throughout the product life cycle: they have no porosity that gives resistance to external influences – scratches and spillability, extraordinary elegance and durability. These quartz stone surfaces are created by the unique Stone Italiana® company’s proprietary process, combining the inherent strength of quartz with the pigment components of polymers, resulting in an excellent result – a diverse range of durable and beautiful quartz finish finishes. This is a great solution for using this surface for bath or kitchen worktops, floor and wall coverings, using a minimum number of joints.

Stone Italiana® Quartz artificial stone surface is very comfortable in size and lightness. The size of the board is in the “Standard” format – 140×305 cm when the thickness of the panel is 3 kinds – 1.3cm / 2.0cm / 3.0cm. Stone Italiana® artificial quartz surface is produced very consistently, and its dimensions and thickness are always maintained throughout the board, which makes it possible to reduce the need for adjustments in design and allow for easy implementation of the project’s designs. Stone Italiana® has developed various floor formats to enable all your designs: 30x30x1cm, 60x30x1cm, 120x30x1cm, 40x40x1cm, 60x60x1cm, 120x60x1cm.

Stone Italiana® offers you various surface finishes to help you personalize and perfectly customize your chosen styles to your project spaces. For the realization of your visualization of your chosen style, Stone Italiana® offers you many types of different textured surfaces that are implemented in different series of color gamut collections . There are 4 different types of surface treatment for Stone Italiana® – Gloss & Metallico (polished, shiny surface treatment), Rough & Brushed, Grain-Matt (grained matt surfaces for machining) ), Grain-RocFace (uneven machining surfaces) that will give your imagination the power to have such a tabletop or wall decor in your interior with a texture that you have always dreamed of and what you wanted.

The structure of Stone Italiana® has a very small porosity, and therefore its antibacterial surface is resistant to everyday food stains that can easily be removed from this surface using soap and water. Stone Italiana® engineers use a lot of quartz and do not use gum in the production process, so the surfaces do not have porosity, so they are safe to use in laboratories in the health and cooking environment. Also, these special surfaces are particularly suitable for floor coverings – they are extremely resistant to friction and durable. Your Stone Italiana® artificial stone surface can be irretrievably damaged if you use strong chemicals and solvents that can damage its physical properties. Never rub surfaces with products containing trichloroethane or methylene chloride, for example in paint strippers or detergents. Avoid highly aggressive or abrasive cleaners.

Stone Italiana® surfaces are more resistant to high temperatures than other natural stones – marble, limestone or granite. They are perfect for kitchen towels or even for fireplace decoration.

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