All solutions made from natural and artificial stone

We produce natural and artificial stone. We have one of the most advanced stone processing factories in Lithuania. The digital stone processing machine is precisely and precisely produced not only from the flat, but also from the stone massif. We design products and choose material according to needs. We execute orders at agreed time.



We produce various interior details, products made of natural stone (marble, granite, onyx and others) and artificial (technical) stone.

Natural stone: granite, marble, onyx, quartzite, travertine. Solutions for kitchen worktops, window sills, but also widely used for exterior finishes – flooring, stairs, facades. Trust your vision to Veritas Ana professionals. We guarantee the quality of work, warranty maintenance.

We can also offer you the prominent Spanish cosmetics producer of natural and artificial stone, which is distinguished by its distinctive, exclusive Dekton and Silestone products. We also offer a range of products from the Czech manufacturer of artificial stone, TechniStone, and the famous production of Caesarstone, an Israeli artificial stone manufacturer, with its excellent natural color range, exceptional quality and reliability.

We cut, mill, grind and fully produce various interior details, sculptures, memorial boards, table top, pallets, stair treads, and so on. 

Stone milling, cutting and grinding of stone, stone products installation work, production of memorial plaques, manufacture of art monuments.


We invite you to cooperate with designers, architects, furniture designers. We will help you implement all your solutions in real life.

We carry out installation of natural and artificial stone products

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