Momerial plaques

Bronius Grušas Memorialinė atminimo lenta Skuode

Memorial plaques : “Veritas Ana” is one of the activities of the company – it is the exclusive production of memorial plaques of natural stone.

Unveiling of Nobel Prize winner H.Senkevicius Memorial Plaque

The memorial board of the writer H.Senkevičius was officially unveiled at Bistrampolis Manor, commemorating his 100th anniversary of death. Recall the common history of Lithuania and Poland, planted in oaken. Veritas Ana also contributed to the celebration of the famous writer’s memory and produced a memorial commemorative plaque dedicated to tracing the work left by H. Senkevičius in the region. According to available data, H. Senkevičius lived in the Bistrampolis manor in 1880 and collected material for his novel “The Flood”. The Bistrampolis manor was visited by a large delegation of guests from Poland – representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Council, the grandchildren of H. Senkevich, the members of the creative group of the former J. Hofman film “The Dawn”. Director Tadeusz Bistram presented a joint Lithuanian-Polish documentary “Lithuanian Landing Roads”. 11/25/2015.

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