pjaustymo lentelė iš granito

Souvenirs of natural or artificial stone

The masters of Veritas Ana offer to buy or donate to their dear people a memorable and, at the same time, a practical gift of natural stone products – a cutting board, a turning round pallet or candle holder. It is not only a long-lasting remembrance gift, but also a practically used thing in the home.

We offer you to buy an indispensable assistant in the kitchen – a real granite cutting table. Granite is resistant to abrasive and heat (up to 270 ºC), so you can not only cut food or vegetables on this table, but you can also help with hot pots, but also pizza on it in the oven. As the granite molecular structure is of low porosity, bacteria do not accumulate on its surface, resistance to nutrients (citric acid, actua), coffee, tea, wine and other contaminants persists. Cutting tables and their dimensions: Classic table; 350x250x20mm; Price is only 20 EUR / pc. Round table; 350x20mm; Price only 30 EUR / pc. Classic table with natural wood; 400x250x20mm; Price is only 45 EUR / pc. For these products, please call: +370-614-31166 or +370-610-35258 or email:

We offer you to buy a natural marble swivel round tray for your servicing table decoration, which can be used for fruit and sweets, as well as snacks or even hot dishes. Swivel Round Dimensions: 350x20mm; Price is only 45 EUR / pc. For these products, please call tel: +370-614-31166 or +370-610-35258 or email:

The masters of Veritas Ana produce statuettes of natural stone of various designs, using different types of rocky compositions – marble, onyx or travertine. Congratulate your company employees for the achievement of a truly memorable, unique design, a valuable gift from natural stone compositions. For these exclusive design products, please call: +370-614-31166 or +370-610-35258 or by e-mail: