Window sills

Window sills will give your home an extraordinary sense of comfort, luxury and practicality. What are the benefits of natural stone window sills? The first thing you’ll notice, as with all stone products, is the sheer timeless beauty of a room with window sills made of natural stone. But the benefits extend far beyond good looks!

Natural stone is also very commonly used for domestic and outdoor window sills. The stone interior of the house gives a luxurious impression and is very functional – the stone surfaces are easy to clean, they are unaffected by the effects of moisture, and melt and dirt do not accumulate in the joints. The windowsills of the natural stone look not only beautiful, but the rain drops that rain on them do not cause unpleasant “barbing” like metal windows, so our night’s sleep is calm.

Depending on the look you’re after, there’s a wide choice of different stone options to consider – from marble and granite to limestone window ledges. If there are other natural stone features in the room – for example, stone flooring or a fireplace – you might want to choose matching stone for the window sills. Or maybe go for a bold contrast?

Also, remember that thanks to modern carving techniques and state-of-the-art machinery, your natural stone window sills can be fashioned in any shape you want. From sleek and simple to highly ornate, they can be made to suit any décor, whether you’re looking for classic style or cutting-edge cool.

We have one of the most advanced stone processing factories in Lithuania. The digital stone processing machine is precisely and precisely produced not only from the flat, but also from the stone massif. We can also offer you the prominent Spanish cosmetics producer of natural and artificial stone, which is distinguished by its distinctive, exclusive Dekton and Silestone products. We also offer a range of products from the Czech manufacturer of artificial stone, TechniStone, and the famous production of Caesarstone, an Israeli artificial stone manufacturer, with its excellent natural color range, exceptional quality and reliability.