Worktops made of natural or artificial stone

According to hygienists, the stone in the kitchen is the most practical and hygienic choice. Natural stone worktops are valued for its flawless aesthetics and durability – it is a very convenient cooking tool that is resistant to scratches and physical damage. Exclusive attention is also given to stone floors, admired by their design and high resistance indexes – the dropped knife or other sharp object will not slip them, and the hot grease will not leave any marks. In addition, both stone table-top and stone floors or wall tiles are easy to maintain and clean.

Everyone who likes to turn around in the kitchen will confirm that the main thing is her “working” part – the worktop. Most people with natural granite or Dekton® artificial stone worktops, most kitchen chefs, will ensure that stone table tops clearly superior to laminated wood or wood, as the main advantages of the stone are hygiene, resistance to friction and heat, easy maintenance and / beauty Hygiene is the most important in the kitchen, because of its extremely low absorbency of the stone, for example, when cutting raw meat, its fatty acids do not absorb into the stone surface and therefore do not accumulate bacteria. This is especially important for parents raising small children. It is also possible to cut on a stone worktop, knead the dough – it does not cling to the worktop, to put hot dishes – not to fear a sudden change in temperature. In addition, the natural granite or Dekton® artificial stone worktop is excellent, is durable and always looks like new. So, having a “stone” in the kitchen, this will be both a practical and a luxurious touch of your decision.

In the bathroom the stone is used for walls, floors, bath walls, natural stone sinks, etc. In the bathroom, the stone gives a luxurious impression and is very functional – the stone surfaces are easy to clean, they are unaffected by the effects of moisture, mildew, soap residues and other dirt do not accumulate around the sink, bath and other places of joining.

Stone surfaces are not afraid of water, they are heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, non-flammable and easy to maintain, but they also require maintenance. In this brief overview, we will share some useful tips to help preserve the natural beauty of the stone surface under proper care. Daily maintenance – simply rub the stone surfaces with a damp cloth dampened in water, do not rub with any scouring agents, do not use scouring powder or concentrated chemical cleaners for cleaning. Remove stone, mineral, or vegetable stones from stone surfaces only for cleaning agents specially designed for stone surfaces. It is recommended that stone surfaces be impregnated with stone impregnation from time to time, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of a stone worktop, prevents dirt from spilling. Although rocky surfaces are very resistant to friction, however, try not to use them with hard and sharp objects. We recommend that you do not leave spilled oil, wine, coffee or other “coloring” liquids on the table for a long time, as well as lemon, onion, various acidic fruits or vegetable residues. Avoid touching the stone surface with chemicals, paint, nail polish, grease or other strong detergents, acids, etc. chemical means. These simple tips will give your stone a surface and durability, and for a long time will preserve the beauty of the stone in your interior.

here are plenty of options for hand-crafted design options for your bathroom or kitchen countertop, which are perfect for all of the stone colors and selected surface texture collections. Straight cut edge design This is the straightforward cut of a straight section from the corner, suitable for any surface with a flat surface with a straight finish. 2 + 2 Cutting Edge Design The cutting edge that is processed in this way gives the board a continuity, makes it more robust and resistant to impact and scratches. Fully rounded finish design The fully rounded edge finish creates a sense of complete continuity in the kitchen while maintaining the same thickness of the towels. Elegantly Dipped Edge Design This is an elegantly designed cut-out form from a traditional side that gives the table a very elegant look. Crosscutting Edge Design This is a great countertop finishing solution that gives you the integrity and ruggedness of your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Partly rounded edge design This is a great partially and gently curved side bath or kitchen countertop solution that gives your table top an eclectic and pleasant touch effect.