Quartzite is characterized by a beautiful stone thread writing and special strength, therefore the use of this stone is both universal – for kitchen and bathroom towels, wall and fireplace decoration, floor coverings, and stairs.

Natural quartzite

Quartzite is a hard metamorphic rock that used to be sandstone. Quartzite is formed by sandstone under high temperature and high pressure. Quartzite is usually made up of quartz mineral. Such pure quartzite is white or gray. There is also a brownish, pink quartzite. This color is given by iron oxide impurities. Since quartzite is a hard rock (7 according to the Moson scale), it is resistant to friction, and therefore has durability, which makes it durable. It allows this stone to be used not only for interior decoration – for kitchen worktops, windowsills but also widely used for decoration – for interior flooring, for stairs. Since the molecular structure of quartzite has a low porosity, there is no accumulation of bacteria on its surface, resistance to nutrients (citric acid, actua), coffee, tea, wine and other contaminants remains, and therefore quartzite is ideally suited for kitchen worktops.