Stone processing

Stone processing : We have one of the most advanced stone processing factories in Lithuania. The digital stone processing machine is precisely and precisely produced not only from the flat, but also from the stone massif. We can also offer you the prominent Spanish cosmetics producer of natural and artificial stone, which is distinguished by its distinctive, exclusive Dekton and Silestone products. We also offer a range of products from the Czech manufacturer of artificial stone, TechniStone, and the famous production of Caesarstone, an Israeli artificial stone manufacturer, with its excellent natural color range, exceptional quality and reliability.

We provide various types of artificial or natural stone milling services. From natural marble or the like. With the help of a 3D sketch made by our stone worker, we can cast a sculpture of different sizes to help the sculptor quickly complete his planned sculpture and save him time. Also, we can disassemble the logos on the stone. We can also help in the area of decorating the premises – on the stone surface we will cast out different types of craft, the necessary cavities.

We provide qualified advice on natural or artificial stone selection. We design products and choose material according to customer needs. We cut, mill, grind and fully produce various interior details, sculptures, memorial boards, table top, pallets, stair treads, and so on.